Aspen Ladd

Aspen Ladd's


Follow Aspen Ladd as she navigates her way up the ranks in the UFC Bantamweight division.

Aspen Ladd

Aspen Ladd's


Peace and serenity can be found for Aspen Ladd hiking the trails with her pack in the California mountains.

Aspen Ladd

Aspen Ladd's


Aspen Ladd has had a unique affinity for dogs.  That's why she never goes anywhere without her pack.

Aspen Ladd

Aspen Ladd’s Story

This is the story of a terribly shy, introverted kid who just needed something to do. I Had wanted to learn how to fight, or at least have some knowledge of how to defend myself. That being said i had no idea what MMA was when i walked into my first MMA gym, at the age of 14.  I just...

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Fun Fact

Interviews still make Aspen Ladd more nervous than fights.

“Aspen Ladd has the intangible attributes that cannot be taught. The mental fortitude, and the will to win, while having the grace and humbleness of a true professional. "
Jim West
MMAGOLD Head Coach

On the Trails

Check out Aspen's Top Hiking Trailheads.
Wrights Lake to Grouse Lake

Wrights Lake to Grouse Lake…

Lake Margaret Trail

Lake Margaret Trail is a…

Thunder Mountain Trail to Horseshoe Canyon Trail

Thunder Mountain Trail to Horseshoe…

Woods, Winnemucca, and Round Top Lakes

Woods, Winnemucca, and Round Top…

Grass Lake via Lily Lake

Grass Lake is a 5.3…

Aspen Ladd
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