Aspen Ladd’s Story

This is the story of a terribly shy, introverted kid who just needed something to do. I Had wanted to learn how to fight, or at least have some knowledge of how to defend myself. That being said i had no idea what MMA was when i walked into my first MMA gym, at the age of 14.  I just knew that it was some kind of martial arts gym. Well, I figured out exactly what MMA was pretty quickly and knew within the first week of training that I wanted to fight as soon as I turned 18. So I did. Turns out I was good at it too. A solid team and obsessive nature are what have gotten me to this point in my life and career.

I’ve been with the same team, MMAGOLD from my 1st amateur fight ever, all the way to now as the number #3 ranked UFC female bantamweight in the world. Fun fact, interviews still make me more nervous than fights, but oddly enough fighting in front of thousands of people has never bothered me. When i first started down this path Cage Fighting wasn’t a valid option for a woman to make a living. So, I’d always planned on having my career and just training and fighting on the side purely for the fun of it. Thankfully, the Rise of Rhonda changed all of that for us female fighters with gaining admittance to the UFC. All of a sudden the world opened up, and something that was once a beloved hobby became a career path. So now I spend my days fighting, hiking, and enjoying every moment of this wild ride.



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