Aspen Ladd


Pure Shepard
  • Tri-Pawed
  • Goofy
  • Massive
  • Scared of Flooring
  • Dramatic
  • Loveable
  • Protective
  • Adventurous
  • Sweet
  • silly
  • jealous
  • Vocal
  • Always Happy
  • Dog version of “Baby Huey”

Chevy's Story

My Big Doofus

Chevy was my giant unplanned, happy accident of a dog. I never planned one getting a third dog, when Chevy needed a home my dad actually took him in. However, I was over all the time with my huskies Granite and Kaia and over time he bonded with the three of us. Chevy started getting depressed when we left and so my little two dog pack slowly became three. It was pretty much over from the first time I took Chevy on a hike with my pups. Then he needed to go to the vet, so I took him. I’d drive over on tuesdays to walk him after practice. You get where i’m going with this; and so i gradually, acquired another dog without even realizing it. Essentially Chevy chose where he wanted to be and has been living the best life i can give him ever since. Despite an array of medical issues we’ve dealt with as they come, he is always such a happy boy regardless.

On May 28th, 2020 my dude lost a rear leg to a bone tumor that absolutely destroyed his leg bone. All alternatives were explored but the only way to relieve the extreme pain and hopefully stop it from spreading further than the leg, was to amputate. He then tore his remaining groin 5 days post op, and couldn’t walk on his own for quite some time. With a lot of help, work, and consistent physical therapy Chevy has drastically improved over time. He’s currently back to hiking with Kaia and I and truly living his 3-legged best life. My family likes to refer to him as Baby Huey, and he may be an absolute and utter doofus, but Chevy is also pretty darn inspirational on a daily basis.

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